Our Story 

Radiate Kombucha

When you drink a can of Radiate Kombucha you’re choosing an ethically sourced, small batch, locally-made and probiotic-rich superfood. You’re supporting a Mom owned business working to localize our food system and create a transparent, ethical community. You are supporting small local farms and farmers families. You're supporting one of the oldest living spiritually-driven female tea masters in the world who is exercising traditional, organic and holistic farming practices. You’re aiding in both world-wide and local movements toward equal rights and a sustainable future.

Every single ingredient has been researched and sourced meticulously to ensure that we are crafting the highest quality product on the market. We strive for integrity, transparency and honesty because we care. A lot. A ton actually. 

We have two homes, our body and our Earth. Both need to be treated with respect.

LEt’s agree to do the best we can, ok?


Susan Cartiglia

Brewer, Owner, Operator, Gypsy-in-Chief, Kombucha Queen


Made by Susan Cartiglia

Radiate Miami

Susan has been making kombucha since she was 14. As a Mom, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and retired (15 year) bartender, her constant search has been to build community and make living a healthy lifestyle accessible to all. She opened Radiate Apothecary in late 2016 as a way to support local farmers and before she knew it, the kombucha aspect of the business took on a life of its own. This “accidental" business is growing faster than we could ever have prayed for and we joke that even our ever-evolving business plan is completely organic. Radiates success is grounded in gratitude and wholly attributed to this vibrant community and the abundant support we continue to receive! One day soon, Susan plans to grow the business back to its original intention of a healing apothecary and market specializing in locally sourced foods and fermentation education with a kickass brewery inside! Until then, Susan can be found slanging’ buch, educating on holistic health and more realistically, running after her 2 kids.