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Our traditional recipe is an organic naturally effervescent fermented tea rich in powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes. Radiate is made with wild yeast, locally sourced ingredients, potent superfoods and proven to be a wonderful aid in daily digestion and whole body healing. 


How it’s Made


Organic tea and organic locally sourced vegan cane sugar are placed in a glass vessel. A S.C.O.B.Y. (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) is added to the tea mixture and begins to consume the sugar. Through the process of fermentation, the sugar is turned into powerful probiotics. Radiate Kombucha goes through a triple fermentation process with locally sourced wild yeast, giving it its light effervescent, organic “Miami” fresh taste.

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Can Flavors



Green Apple • Flower Power • Pina Caliente • Dat Beet • POLLINATOR • FUNGI CHAI • Miami MOJITO

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Bottle Flavors

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Support Local

All Radiate Kombucha flavor blends contain locally sourced wild yeast. The aim is to localize our food system, cultivating a microbiome rich in local bacteria creates massive environmental and personal health benefits. Partners include The Wynwood Yard, Little River Farm, Mother Earth Miami, Urban Oasis, South Florida Fungi, Great Circle Coffee, JoJo Tea and more.

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Kombucha is the new black.

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